About HZM

HZM is a personal brand by Haya Mahomed established in 2006. It started as a footwear designing hobby and since I had access to the skilled karigars, the hobby turned into a business. Some of the initial designs are archived in the 'Archives' page for you to have a look. In 2016 I started with handbags as well. And after a super response handbags became an equal part every collections.

Today HZM is a lean establishment, growing where there is demand. It's mostly just me who designs and communicates, the super skilled workers who make the designs 3D, my family who deals with me, and you who like the designs and are reading this (thank you for your time!). There are hundred other things as well but the main four are listed above. 

There are a few things that over time I have realized are important to me and I guess they have become what HZM, the company, stands for. First would be less wastage, hopefully no wastage, but that gets a bit difficult. This is the reason why I take orders and don't make excess stock in every design. Second would be giving the workers their due. In India we are used to cheap labour, which makes it easy to abuse. Instead of overworking and underpaying, I would like them to be happy and invested in this business, and hopefully that would encourage others to learn the skill as well. Third would be slow growth. It's not about making it big, it's about finding what you want to do and doing it well. 

Our product range started with only footwear, then handbags and smaller accessories like wallets, keychains and folders. Since 2017 HZM manufactures products for other companies as well. And since 2022 we have started tying up with individuals who design gifting solutions for all occasions. So it's safe to say HZM is happily growing while staying fit and grounded. We want our products in the hands of those who will use and appreciate them. 

Thank you for reading and finding out a little about HZM.