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Mermaid Tote, Large

Mermaid Tote, Large

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Originally called the 'Monsoon Tote Bag' as they were created in June 2022 to keep our belongings safe from the Mumbai downpours.

These totes had outgrown the monsoons of 2022 and were still in demand. So we decided to rename them this year as the 'Mermaid Tote Bag' 2023.

The Mermaid tote Bag is made from a unique silicone material which is water proof and extremely durable.

They come in super cute colours and are transluscent which only adds to the casual cute-ness of the tote.

These are perfect for the rains (of-course), they are also ideal for beach days - trust me!

The Mermaid Tote bag is spacious to fit all your junk which you definitely will require through the day as well as all the junk that you know you won't need but will carry anyways 'cause you never know'.

So go ahead and grab one of these all-rounder super sellers!

Size - Length: 16.5 | Height: 12.5 | Width: 5.5 | Handle drop: 8.5 (Inches)

Enclosure - Top Zip

Long handle - NA

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